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OPEN: *Attention new business owners* Alberta Grant for New Organizations

New organizations (businesses, cooperatives and non-profits) that commenced operations by providing their goods or services to customers (i.e., able to generate revenue) between March 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020 and that meet the program’s eligibility criteria may be eligible for a single grant payment of up to $15,000.


To be eligible, an Alberta business, cooperative or non-profit organization must meet all of the following criteria.

  • Be one of the following legal entities as of February 29, 2020, or October 31, 2020 (new organizations only):

  • corporation registered under the Business Corporations Act (Alberta)

  • partnership registered under the Partnership Act (Alberta)

  • sole proprietor with a trade name registered under the Partnership Act (Alberta)

  • unregistered sole proprietor with sufficient documentation to demonstrate the existence of the organization's operations

  • corporation incorporated under a special act or a private act of the Alberta legislature

  • non-profit registered under a special act or a private act of the Alberta legislature

  • non-profit registered under part 9 of the Companies Act (Alberta)

  • society registered under the Societies Act (Alberta) or Agricultural Societies Act (Alberta)

  • cooperative registered under the Cooperatives Act (Alberta)

  • Maintain a permanent establishment (as defined in Appendix I of the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant program guidelines) in Alberta and be established (and in good standing) with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

  • Be carrying on business/operations or were eligible to carry on business/operations in Alberta on February 29, 2020 or October 31, 2020 (new organizations only).

  • Have less than 500 employees (full time, part-time and contract combined):

  • Seasonal businesses may use the number of employees from the year prior to when the COVID-19 public health orders were introduced, or the average number of employees over the 3 years prior to the COVID-19 public health orders introduced.

  • Have been ordered to temporarily close or curtail operations through a COVID-19 public health order. See COVID-19 orders and legislation for more information.

  • Have experienced a reduction in revenue of at least 30% as a result of the COVID-19 public health orders.

  • Existing organizations in operation as of February 29, 2020 must demonstrate a revenue reduction in April or May 2020 in comparison to April 2019, May 2019 or February 2020.

  • New organizations that commenced operations between March 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020, must demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 30% in November or December 2020 in comparison to any month between March and October 2020.

  • Seasonal businesses that only operate for part of the year may use their average monthly sales revenue for the full months they were in operation during 2019.

  • Are open or plan to reopen as public health orders are lifted through Alberta’s phased relaunch.

Payment to new organizations

Grant funding amounts are calculated based on 15% of the eligible organization’s monthly revenue from any month between March and October 2020. This amount is multiplied 3 times up to a maximum of $15,000 per business, cooperative or non-profit.

  • Each applicant will receive one payment representing 3 times 15% of one month’s worth of revenue up to a maximum of $15,000.

  • Applicants can choose any month between November or December 2020 to maximize their benefit payment.

Click here for more information on how to apply or contact us via email if you require assistance on applying.


올해 3월1일 2020년 - 10월31일 2020년 사이에 영업을 새로 시작한 분들은 전에 신청을 못했던 Alberta Small Business Grant 를 신청할수 있게되었습니다.


신청 적격사항(아래 열거한 사항 전부에 해당되어야 신청 자격이 됩니다. HEALTH ORDER 를 받은 사업장만 되니 꼭 확인하세요)

  • 앨버타에 설립된 비즈니스다 혹은 Sole proprietor로 앨버타에서 영업을하고있다

  • 앨버타에 고정 사업장이 있다

  • 2월29일 2020년 - 10월31일 2020년 사이 영업중이였다

  • 정부 규정때문에 매출이 11월 2020년 혹은 12월 2020년 (3월-10월비교하여) 30% 줄었다

  • 직원수는 500명 보다 적다

  • 코비드로인하여 정부규정 (Health Order)으로 영업을 중지하거나 줄여야 했다 Covid Orders

  • Health Order이 변경이되면, 다시 영업을 할계획이다

  • 아래 프로그램 빼고는 따로 받은 보험료나 보조금이없다: Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board premium relief, Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP), Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), Western Economic Development Regional Relief and Recovery Fund, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA), Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), Government of Alberta grant relief funding for the child care sector, Relief funding from municipalities

  • 사업장이 하나보다 많은경우 장소마다 계산을하여 신청을할수가있다


3월 - 10월사이에 선택하시는 달 매출에 15% 최대 $15,000 받을수있습니다


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