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Alberta Relief Grant 3rd Payment

A third payment of Alberta's small and medium enterprise relaunch grant will be open soon.

The maximum payment will be up to $10,000 and is available to organizations who have seen at least a 30% reduction in revenues.

Details on the calculation of revenue drop and eligibility for the third payment is still pending. More information to come soon.

앨버타 Relaunch 그랜트 3차 신청서가 곧 나올것으로발표 되었습니다.

이전처럼 매출이 30% 감소된 사업들은 신청하실수있을거고, 최대금액은 $10,000로 발표가되었습니다.

현재 정확한 해당사항과 매출 감소 계산 방법은 안나왔으니, 발표되는데로 다시 공지하겠습니다.


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